• Now retry call settings can be configured for both cases,
  1. When Agent fails to answer
  2. When Customer fails to answer
  • Add primary domain while going through the onboarding process, additional domains can be added later

  • Design issues fixed opn the widget

  • Improvised side-menu of the dashboard

  • Ability to hide/enable legal notes, social proof

  • Validitions applied for SMS sender ID and Messages

  • Improvised Activities in terms of tasks, status , filters etc

Widget Smart Template

The another interesting thing which we have brought to you is Smart template for Limecall widget Now apart from the classic default template, there is one more template that you can use and change the way your widget will look.

This template will be cherry on the top for users who are using Click2Call feature as a primary calling approach. This is an extension to the widget bubble and once the call is initiated you can see real-time status of the call there. The look and feel is also very appealing.






When the agents or consultants are not available, it will provide you schedule call option as well.


14 days free trial for Limecall (Advanced)

This will enable the user to use Limecall’s entire advanced plan features for 14 days as a part of free trial.

The quota for calls & SMS is 15 for the trial period, at the end of the trial period you will be prompted to opt either of the free or paid (PRO or ADVANCED) plans and once you opt the corresponding subscription should be applicable to your account.

The greatest advantage of this feature is full-fledged access of Limecall features under Advanced plan for 14 days and it is just FREEEEEEEE


Auto-detect existing contact for new leads

This feature will enable:

New lead to match and auto-detect from the existing Contacts database from the system and show that under Contact section of Lead details

image (4).png

For leads with non-existing Contacts, there will be an option to Add Contact inside the lead details, Creating Contact from the lead, will automatically relate that contact with lead. Once the contact is created it will be shown inside the lead details as well as under the Contacts module.

image (3).png

So yes,now no need to check and create new contact for all the leads, as we have auto-detect for existing ones . Easy right!!

Coupon availability while subscription upgrade

Now you can see and apply coupons while upgrading or downgrading your current subscription and just pay the discounted price after applying the respective coupon.


Days off for you Consultants/Agents

This feature enables:

  • Manager to choose a team members and update the days off for that respective agent/consultant.
  • Agent/consultant can themselves update their days off from their Profile Settings

When the days off are set for agents/consultants,the system should not generate or route calls to them.


Buy & Manage new numbers

This feature enables you to buy a dedicated local/toll-free number from any desired location. This is available inside the Numbers module of the dashboard. Numbers can be assigned respectively to any of the following options:

  • Platform When assigned to platform, all platform related settings (e.g. Call Settings) will be applicable to this new number

  • Team If you need to assign this new number to a specific team, select team option and choose the team to whom you want assign this number. After this, all the incoming calls on this number will be routed to the selected team.

  • Team member If you need to assign this new number to a specific team member, select team member option and choose the team member to whom you want assign this number. After this, all the incoming calls on this number will be routed to the selected team member.

Additionally, you have options to name your number,un-assign & cancel/delete the purchased number.



Note: With upcoming release, we are bringing additional options like call recording, call forward, voice-mail etc to be configured for the purchased number and to whom-so-ever it is assigned.

Qualify the visitors with custom widget forms

This feature enables you to collect extra data about your clients. Having a set of information on your customer during the call is valuable for every call representative. Here you can decide if you want to display Basic & Custom fields on which widget tab and also you can decide if you want to show it before the call , during the call & after the call

Available Basic fields:


Available Custom fields:


Now add working hours for all days at one go

With All days option in the working hours, you can add working hours for all days at one go. So no overhead of adding it separately for each working day.

Latest bug fixes

  • Activity module > Assigned Leads page > leads details popup is not showing up (the bug to see lead details from activity is fixed and live now)

  • Activities > Task page > Sorting functionality needs to be implemented (The bug to sort the tasks with due date or time has been fixed and live now)

  • Activities > All tabs > none of the filters are working as expected (The bug to put filters and extract the required activities has been fixed and live now)

  • Activities > Tasks > By default a task status cannot be done (The bug to reflect the correct task status has been fixed and live now)

  • Lead details > Add activity popup > priority field added for tasks.(The bug for missing priority field while creating a task has been fixed and live now)

  • Custom date filter is fixed to be more precise to filter data from a A date till B date.